May 27, 2014

The alphabet nail art challenge - Letter D inspired manicure

Well...I'm glad that we have decided that we can post whenever we can from Saturday to Friday on the week of the letter. So, I'm not the first, and hopefully, not the last letter D inspired manicure :)

And because my mood was down....I went for somenthing so simple, I'm ashamed. :(
I did DOMINOES! So original! :)))

I think that the problem was that on Friday I broke 2 of my nails so I had to shorthen them. 
Well, I can tell you one thing: the girls from the list underneath have better designs! Go check them out.
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Maybe the fact that I'm no. 13 on the list brought me bad luck! :(
No more 13 for me from now on!

May 23, 2014

World Turtle Day on Nailpolis: Museom of Nail Art

Ok, I know that lately I'm not so talkative, but I must have talked all my words at work. Yep, that must be the reason. But not to worry, I'll water my tongue and grow some more words. Will that do it?  :))
Well, I saw that on Nailpolis a contest was started. 
To enter, you had to make a nail design inspired by  Quotle, the Quotesome Turtle.
So I came up with this design. If you like it, you can tell me! :)

May 19, 2014

Love cats

Hello, my friends!
I have another cute manicure for you! Because this last Saturday you saw a "C" inspired manicure and I had another great ideea that came from a friend of mine, I did some cats!
Enjoy my love cats!

PS: thank you, Iulia, for the inspiration!
PPS: I'm not thanking myself, I have a coleague at work and her name is Iulia ... :)

May 17, 2014

The Alphabet Nail Art Challenge: Letter C

Hello, my dear friends! I know it's late Saturday, but I struggled aaaaallll day loooong! You might wonder with what...well, I had lots of "C" manicures: camouflage, cats, candy, cupcakes, cherries, Cinderella, clowns, cocktails, Chinese, Crayola...
And finally I decided to combine three ideas: cupcakes, candies and cherries. :)
The result is as follows:

And because I was in the mood, I added some stamps 

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May 9, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - letter B

Watch out! I have bugs! Just kidding! Hi!
Have you missed me? I sure did miss you. And I'm here with a new letter ergo a new nail design! I could't miss the opportunity to show you a manicure inspired by PiggieLuv and posted on Facebook here. I just loved it and recreated it. I loved it! I wore the manicure for a whole week.

But because I couldn't show you only a recreation of a manicure, I made some cute bugs, on a walk to remember. :) Funny, right? So the name Bugs fits just right.

I hope you like my manicure and make sure you check the other "B" inspired manicures:

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May 3, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter A

And my A today comes from ..... (drum roll) ..... Aliens! :)
Yep, those supposedly green, yacky and strange looking creatures from outer space...maybe outer galaxy... who knows? I never got the chance to meet and talk to one of them, at least :(
So, this challenge is the new challenge in our FB group and we have to thank Madalina a.k.a. Miss HAppy and Her Nails (she's the first one on this list - because she was eager to start) for the inspiration...she wanted an alphabet nail art challenge and we all decided to make a manicure whose name starts with each letter of the alphabet. This week, we have A.

I took a peek on the nails some of the girls did, and we have different designs. This is the coolest part! Maybe only a few of us will have aliens, maybe it's just me and my s(t)ick(y) mind :)

For the design I used AVON's Sunshine as a base and on top Gabrini Diamond D57 (a shimmery yellow), over which I drew the aliens with acrylic paint; added top coat (Gabrini 300) and started taking pictures.

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