May 3, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter A

And my A today comes from ..... (drum roll) ..... Aliens! :)
Yep, those supposedly green, yacky and strange looking creatures from outer space...maybe outer galaxy... who knows? I never got the chance to meet and talk to one of them, at least :(
So, this challenge is the new challenge in our FB group and we have to thank Madalina a.k.a. Miss HAppy and Her Nails (she's the first one on this list - because she was eager to start) for the inspiration...she wanted an alphabet nail art challenge and we all decided to make a manicure whose name starts with each letter of the alphabet. This week, we have A.

I took a peek on the nails some of the girls did, and we have different designs. This is the coolest part! Maybe only a few of us will have aliens, maybe it's just me and my s(t)ick(y) mind :)

For the design I used AVON's Sunshine as a base and on top Gabrini Diamond D57 (a shimmery yellow), over which I drew the aliens with acrylic paint; added top coat (Gabrini 300) and started taking pictures.

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