April 19, 2014

T.P.A.: 31. Make your own nail polish

Today is (still) Saturday and we have the last theme of this collaboration. Because we are nail polish addicts :) , we had to make our own nail polish. But because I'm crazy like that, I made three! yep!
I am soooo sooooo very happy with the colors, I might use them often :)
I must be honest and confess that I made the glitter when we started the collaboration (almost 31 weeks ago) and the colors are fresh! But, please, pleeeease, don't ask me what I have mixed because I don't know. I started with clear and added purple, blue and pink...than I saw it's similar to a nail polish I have, so I added some more blue and some white and some blue sheer. And some more purple...maybe too much purple and pink because I got a pale purple with blue shimmer.
For the second polish, I emptied some of the above in a bottle with a little white and added some green and some grey and some silver. And some more silver with small glitter. And I got a nice pale grey with a hint of green. It's very unusual.
And theeeeen I added 2 metal balls in each of the bottles so I can mix them better.
And the glitter was obtained the same way: many bottles of glitter mixed together in various amounts.  :)

So, after seeing my amazing colors, I instantly knew what I was going to do: a gradient!
from my point of view, this is the best gradient I ever made! LOVE IT!
Buuut I added the glitter and ruined made the design darker. But it still is lovely.

Enjoy my pictures and go see other unique nail polishes at my friends.

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  1. Foarte interesante culorile tale! Gradient-ul ti-a iesit foarte frumos! Sarbatori fericite :*

    1. Multumesc, Kinga. sarbatori Fericite si tie! :*

  2. That gradient is.. awesomeee!!!!!

  3. foarte dragut! glitter-ul e demential <3

  4. foarte frumi manichiura! <3

  5. Sunt superbe ojele, si chiar ti-a iesit frumos gradientul ;)

    1. ma bucur ca iti plac ojele si gradientul! :*