April 1, 2014

T.P.A.: 27+28 - Vamp and tutti frutti nails

Hello, my loves.
Today I have two nail designs for you. With the vamp nail design I didn't post last week and with the tutti frutti from Saturday.
So, enjoy the designs :)

Classics Glamour 178
Golden Rose Paris 59
Flormar 400
Golden Rose Matte Velvet 109
Gabrini 3D Flat Brush 00

Rimmel London 60 seconds 500 Caramel Cupcake and Golden Rose Care+Strong 183 - for the base
for the splatter I used:
Flormar white 400
Golden Rose Paris 151
Classics Glamour 178
Gabrini Summer Edition 
Golden Rose Paris 59
Rimmel London 60 seconds 315 - Ready, aim, paint
Farmec Hot Wine Punch
Gabrini 3D Flat Brush 00 - top coat

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