April 5, 2014

T.P.A.: 29. Bling-bling nails

So today is Saturday...even though it's almost Sunday, I'm somehow "on time" :)
We have only two more themes for this collaboration and everything is over. It's sad, but I'm sure that the girls will come up with another "task" for our imagination.
Now, my hands are honestly destroyed ... my hands are so dry that my skin is cracked. Literally. Is horrible. But I managed somehow to retouch my photos, but not the nail polish colors. That is real. :)
Let me show you my manicure.

I used AVON Nailwear Pro Golden Twilight, AVON Nailwear Pro Wicked and Gabrini 3D 07 for the water marble and Gabrini 3D 00 as a top coat. I added clear rhinestones for the extra bling and that was it! For me and my dried skin, this is bling enough. :)

But I found a picture on my computer with an attempt of blingy manicure...let me show you my blue fail.

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