April 7, 2014

BOTW: Holly Vane - The Devil's Bible

Well, I'm 4 days late :) but if you like supernatural, vampires and love, you will forgive me...I hope.
The book is divided into four parts, each one presents parts of the action through someone's eyes.

There are three brothers Alex, Angel and Rain who were turned into vampires when they were little. The man who turned them never finished his job with Rain, so he is not human nor vampire - he's somewhere between, and the Council can't kill him, unless they have the Devil's Bible, a book thought to be written by Lucifer himself, containing the worst spells and the darkest magic. To protect their younger brother, Alex and Angel outlawed Rain, but everything went south when he met Faith. She was a hooker that Alex went for fun, but because she was very beautiful, he kept going to see her and she got pregnant at one point with him. Faith kept it a secret, but only for about five years, because he found out that Alice is his daughter, too. Not long after that, the girl died and because her mother suffered a lot, he turned her into a vampire, presenting her to his family and making her Angel's partner. But she had fell in love at first sight with Rain. From that point on, the action gets interesting. Infidelity is a deathly sin in the vampire world, so if the Council found out about her affair with Rain, she would be murdered. So the Elders negotiated with the brothers: they will leave her alone if they find the Devil's Book in two weeks, if not, they will start the war between vampires and humans. Wanting to avoid both evils, they started looking for the book and got in Wove, a small town. There they meet Sophie and her little sister, Ellie, who moved there after their mom lost the battle with cancer and were left with their alcoholic father. Sophie, Ellie, Angel, Faith, Sunny and Jack all went to the same school. When Sophie sees Angel, she fell in love and said to herself that she will do everything to be with him. She and the rest of the group got along very well and became friends. One day, while she was killing her free time until Ellie gets out from school, Sophie sees Faith and Rain kissing in the library and making plans to go at his place for some more ... fun, let's say. Seeing that and thinking that it's the perfect reason for Angel to break up with his girlfriend so she can go for him, Sophie makes a plan...and talk about it with Stace (not knowing that she is supposed to be Rain's girlfriend and part of the Council's plan to kill Faith because of her infidelities). There is a fight between Rain and Angel because of what happened in the library and Faith receives an ultimatum from her boyfriend - it's him or she dies. He leaves the house trying to relax and gets a call from Sophie. Knowing that she is in love with him, Angel accepts to meet with her, planing to feed with her blood. But when time comes and he bits her neck, he feels the poison that she ingested - a poison she drank because Faith gave her an cocktail earlier that day and because everyone suspected that Angel might go for her. The poison is harmless for the humans, but makes vampires feel very weak. Because Angel felt noxious he could drink her blood and Sophie called Jack to come and help her. He came with Alex and took them both home. Everybody was there and later on, Rain appeared too. After explaining Sophie everything, including the fact that her mother died because the Council wanted her to move with her father in Wove because they needed her to prove Faith's infidelities so that she can have Angel, the Elders made their entry holding Ellie as an hostage. Seeing what happens, Faith and Rain go outside to negotiate their freedom. But before she could say anything, Rain tells the Council that if they leave his family and loved ones alone and never shadow them, he will help them in whatever they want, he will become one of them. Because they know that he cannot be killed only by the dark magic from the Bible and it is, still, a myth, the agree. The story ends with Rains thoughts: "Two hundred years ago Faith broke my heart to save me, I just hope one day she’ll realize I’m doing the same…"

From my point of view, and not only, this story is a "Romeo and Juliet" mixed with "Twilight" ... and only at the end of the book, I could put everything in order, because each part is different, told by Sophie, Faith, Angel and Rain and neither of them know what is really happening until the very last moment.

If you like vampires and romance, you should read the book. And I hope you had the patience to read what I wrote. :) And I thank you for that. :*

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