April 2, 2018

Monthly Mani Recap - March edition

Hi, back!

This type of article is a first for me and I would like to make it a habit, hope it lasts. This is supposed to be a monthly recap of my manicures, just like the old Week in Photos trend. Even though I have only a blog post, I showed you more nail art on my social media, on Facebook, to be precise.

So...let's start with the rewind:

March, 21st

Melkior and Fundația Renașterea sent me and some other bloggers their new nail polish kit (one bottle of light pink and one bottle of fuchsia nail polish, a bottle of base and top coat - all the polishes are 4,5 ml, a set of pink ribbon nail stickers and some leaflets). The reason they got together is a campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer. It doesn't have to be fatal. Cancer, discovered on early stages, can be cured. Most of it. The leaflets showed how to check the breasts at home, palpating with just three fingers. More than that, if I go to get checked up wearing the symbol manicure, I get a 15% discount at a mammography at the Medical Center of Excellence Renașterea.