April 2, 2018

Monthly Mani Recap - March edition

Hi, back!

This type of article is a first for me and I would like to make it a habit, hope it lasts. This is supposed to be a monthly recap of my manicures, just like the old Week in Photos trend. Even though I have only a blog post, I showed you more nail art on my social media, on Facebook, to be precise.

So...let's start with the rewind:

March, 21st

Melkior and Fundația Renașterea sent me and some other bloggers their new nail polish kit (one bottle of light pink and one bottle of fuchsia nail polish, a bottle of base and top coat - all the polishes are 4,5 ml, a set of pink ribbon nail stickers and some leaflets). The reason they got together is a campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer. It doesn't have to be fatal. Cancer, discovered on early stages, can be cured. Most of it. The leaflets showed how to check the breasts at home, palpating with just three fingers. More than that, if I go to get checked up wearing the symbol manicure, I get a 15% discount at a mammography at the Medical Center of Excellence Renașterea.

March, 22nd

Today got me in the mood for pastels and feathers, so I've put my inspiration to the test.
What came out were some decals of some feathers, colored with light colors - sheer purple and green, on a white base for accent nails and for the rest of the nails I used a light creamy purple.

March, 24th

The weather was warm, sun was up and the skies were cloudless. So flower mani was the right thing to do! And because I can, I added some glitter. Pink glitter on thumb and index and white base color on the rest. Then, on top of white, with a dotting tool, I made some five petal flowers. Fuchsia, coral and light blue flowers, to be more precise. And in the middle of them, I've put some gold hexagonal loose glitter.

March, 27th

I have decided to go for a simple look, but when describing it, it doesn't seem simple at all. LOL!
On my nail stamping mat I painted some black areas and on top I applied some iridescent flakies. Left those to dry and painted the rest of the nails a light grey. After the black and flakie combo dried, I peeled it off the mat and started cutting thin triangles. I've decided to stick three triangles on two accent nails and on the point where they got together I applied a small rhinestone. Top coat and done! See how simple it was?

March, 28th

No more complicated design today! Just a simple nude base and a black lace stamping design on all nails. One coat of shinny top coat followed by a coat of matte top coat. Why the double coating? For wear protection.

March, 31st

This will be the final design of the month. It was part of a collaboration that was and will be all thru-out the year, every Saturday. The theme of the manicure was CHESS and as I said in my post for the collaboration, that crown was al I had to work with. And I did my best!

So....seven manicures in 11 days sounds like a nice comeback for me!

I hope you enjoyed my ramble and loved my designs. By the way, which one is your favorite? Leave me a comment and I will be thankful!

Julia B.