June 9, 2014

#RedThumb2Stop My Pledge

Well, I have decided to get my drivers licence a few days after me and my boyfriend at the time, now my husband, got involved in a car crash. On the right side of the road and the car we had a truck, in front we had a car and on the left another car. When we crashed I saw the truck's huge wheels near my head and destroying the mirror. It's hard for me to remember the accident, but I see it so clear that it's frightening. From that moment on I was afraid to get into the front passenger's seat, only back seat. I was afraid to go with the bus, with everything involving wheels. I was startled by every close encounter with a car...but one day, I said STOP! and that was the moment I started my classes for my driver's licence. It's 5 and 1/2 years from the accident and 4 years since I drive. And I am still afraid of traffic, heavy traffic. The only thing I do while driving, it's talk on the phone through Bluetooth. And I connect my phone while my engine is turned off. So I think that I'm a very cautious driver.
This is what this post is about. Driving carefully! No text-ing, no talking without Bluetooth...just paying attention to the road and the fellow participants: cars, motorcycles and bicycles. 
If you want to read more about our cause, check out here where Beauty Shoes Nails and Fun talks about the awareness week for this cause.
Every time I saw my red thumb red, I knew that it's not an accent hail, it is a message that I have to send to the rest of the drivers near me: Do Not Tex and Drive! Text, Then Drive! or Drive, then Text! And I hope it will stick to them. Or else....I'll paint their thumbs as well :))

I did a water marble manicure on the rest of my nails using RED, YELLOW and GREEN, the lights of the traffic light and then, using the same red, I painted my thumb's finger.

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And remember, don't text and drive!


  1. this is soooo awesome! great work and thanks for joining!! Please post on our FB wall so I can add with all others fb.com/bsnfun <3

  2. Povestea ta este infioratoare. Si eu am probleme cu traficul, in copilarie am fost calcata de o masina si am suferit un soc pe viata, mie teama, foarte teama de masini. Am reusit sa-mi iau carnetul de conducere, o am de aprox.15 ani dar nu conduc din cauza ca mie teama de trafic. Asa ca te felicit pentru curaj! Manichiura ta arata fabulos!