October 25, 2014

The Alphabet Nail Art Challenge: Letter Z - the end of the challenge

It`s time for another manicure, the letter Z inspired one...and it`s time for the challenge to end...but every end means that a new start is about to be announced. :)
So stay tuned!
For today I chose a mix of two letter Z words: zipper and zebra and made some sort of mix and match.

To be honest, I did everything like a decal. I painted the design on a piece of plastic bag, let it dry and applied them on the damp nail polish. The only thing I don`t like at the manicure but I couldn`t do anything about it, is that I have no details on the key of the zipper. :( Not to be worried, I will try to be better at details....sometimes in the future.

But let me give you some more letter z inspired manicureby click-ing on the links below: