April 20, 2013

Double mani

Hello! How`s your weekend?
Hello! Cum va e weekend-ul?

I had a lot of work to do in the last two weeks because we started spring/Easter cleaning. And as always, when I do lots of chores, something happens to me. Guess what happened to me this time? I broke a nail and it hurt.
Am avut o groaza de treaba in ultimele doua saptamani deoarece ne-am apucat de curatenia de primavara/Paste. Si ca de fiecare data cand am multe lucruri de facut prin casa, mi s-a intamplat ceva. Puteti ghici ce mi s-a intamplat de data aceasta? Mi-am rupt o unghie si m-a durut.

Cutting only a nail and leaving the rest of them long, is a NO NO for me. They are all long, or they are all short, anyway, they must be equal. Fortunately, before the tragic accident (I literally cried of sorrow), I managed to make 2 NOTD photo-sessions :)
I decided to put them both in the same post, because I have plans for the next ones, that I hope will be written soon.

Sa imi tai o unghie si pe restul sa le las lungi e un mare NU pentru mine, Fie sunt toate lungi, fie sunt toate scurte, oricum trebuie sa aiba aceasi lungime. Din fericire, inainte de tragicul incident ( am plans de ciuda) am reusit sa fac 2 NOTD.
M-am hotarat sa le pun ambele in acelasi post, pentru am planuri pesntru celelalte postari, care sper sa fie cat de repede puse in practica.

For this one I used Gabrini 354, Golden Rose 208 and a pink glitter with stars
Pentru aceasta mani am folosit Gabrini 354, Golden Rose 208 si un sclipici roz cu stele

This design was made with Gabrini Summer Edition M102 and Golden Rose 194
Acest desing a  fost facut cu Gabrini Summer Edition M102 si Golden Rose 194

Until next time, I believe after my birthday!
Have a great weekend!

Pe data viitoare, care cred ca va fi dupa ziua mea de nastere!
Va doresc un weekend minunat!