October 5, 2013

TPA: 6 - Inspired by tattoos

Hello, lovelies.
A new week has passed, I hope you all are OK and ready for the week-end. Today we have the tattoo inspired challenge. Truth be told, I sometimes thought of getting a tattoo, my zodiac sign on my wrist or my ankle, but I'm too scared.

I was inspired by this gorgeous rib cage tattoo:

But my interpretation is way more child-drawing-lish - if you know what I mean.

 I used Golden Rose Matte Velvet, nr.110, White acrylic paint and Gabrini base and top coat.
When I decided to go with a black background and a white tattoo, was because I have slept only 2 hours last night and I thought that if I might get my day upside down because I'm super tired, then I should start with the"reverse tattoo".
But I saw the nail stickers standing there, alone and decided to make another design with tattoo-like stickers.

Base and top coat Gabrini, base color Golden Rose nr.119 and no-name stickers.
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