December 10, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas - 3 in 1

Hello, lovelies!
This post will have the next three manicures for Elsa's collaboration. If you want to see the work of the other girls, check it out here.

My manicures from today are Under the mistletoe, Red and Gold and Blue and Silver.

This nail design has a short story: under the mistletoe you hug and kiss the one you love and you are happy because he hugged and kissed you back. On the thumb nail I have the image of a sky full of stars and snowflakes, because mistletoe is a winter plant, if I may say so. :) 
Products used: Maybelline Colorama, Gabrini Summer Edition M118, Golden Rose Paris 151, Classics Glamour 178, Avon Nailwear Pro Sunshine, Gabrini 3D 02 and Paris Memories 201.

This is just a simple gradient manicure, using Avon Nailwear Pro Ruby Slippers, Golden Rose Care+Strong 143 and Paris Memories 201.

The base color for this manicure is Golden Rose Rich Color 20, over it it's Medusa crackle 03 and top coat Paris Memories 201.

I hope you like my designs and check back later for more Christmasy nail art.