January 9, 2014

BOTW: Maya Banks - Sweet Surrender

Hey...welcome back to the book of the week section :)
The last two weeks were book-less fir the blog, because: 1. we had the holidays and 2. because I am upset you don't comment :|
But, I'm stubborn, I have friends who PM/call me to say they loved the book, so I'm not giving up :)
This week I'm going to tell you about Maya Banks's book - Sweet Surrender. Another erotic book. Come on, don't be shy...we all know you are 18+ and like to read something ... different.

Grayson Montgomery is a police officer that investigates the killing of his partner, Alex. He thinks that the man who killed him is Eric Samuels, the boyfriend of Faith's mom, so he plans to get close to the girl and find everything he can about his whereabouts.
Faith is a woman that knows exactly what she wants: a man with initiative, I may say a dominant partner in life, but hadn't had the chance to meet him by now.
Gray gets a job in the same place as Faith, to keep an eye on her, in case that she knows or hears anything about Samuels. When Gray sees her, he noticed the innocent look she has and how pretty she is, and Faith sees him as a dominant and intimidating guy - in a good way. Because he keeps an eye on her permanently, he knows every single move she makes,so he knows about her visit to a sex club. The jealousy made him go after her and "save" her as she was dominated by one of the club's member. There they found out that they are made for each other. The sex was mind-blowing for both of them and at one point, Micah, a friend of both, gets involved in a three-some. More than half of the book is a description of their love making, because it's not the tough/rough kind of sex you might expect form a dominant partner and a slave. They have feelings for each other and make compromises for that. Later, we find that Samuels found Faith and Gray on their vacation, killed Alex's father and shot Gray. The women was not as hurt as she might have been because she found out that Gray got close to her for the wrong reasons, but because she was affraid that what they had was not real.
What do you think? Was everything real or he played her?

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