February 11, 2014

A picture that make my thing of...

This is another post for "Dear Diary..."
Today, while searching for a "good morning" photo for you, my FB friends/followers, I came across a picture that made me think of how mean the world is.

So, let's get started:
no. 1: Think less, feel more
     - not gonna happen. Why? Because I might get hurt. Should I stop thinking about tomorrow, about how people try to use me for their own good and feel happy or should I feel like I'm important in their lives? Why? Just because they need me? No, thanks. I'm going for "think more".

no.2: Frown less, smile more.
     - well, I tend to smile more than anyone I know. But that doesn't mean that I can't/won't frown what the time comes. Whit this one I agree.

no.3: Talk less, listen more.
     - ok, I'll listen while other people complain about their problems. But what happens when I have a problem? I should talk less, right? Not gonna happen, either.

no.4: Judge less, accept more.
     - hmmm....I'm not judging, but I'm not accepting, either. Best case scenario, I'm neutral. But I'm not accepting anything I don't like. That's something I learned the hard way and I'm sticking to it.

no.5: Watch less, do more.
     - I might agree with this one. I should do more cooking, more sport, more outdoor activity...maybe I'm more lazy than I knew.

no.6: Complain less, appreciate more.
     - hmmm again. What if I don't have so many things to appreciate and so many to complain about? This means that I don't have a perfect life, but who does? :) it's not a rhetorical question. Maybe I complain about the weather, it's too cold..can someone make the weather better? Can you or someone you know make the weather warmer? I didn't think so...so I complain. pfff.

no.7: Fear less, love more.
     - yes, love more, you might get hurt, but that's ok. No need to be afraid.

Well, as you might have noticed, I exaggerated some things, but you can't be happy and do "more" just because it's the way to be happier. Happiness is related to everything around you, your friends, your family,the weather and so on. The list is so long, I don't even want to think about it.
What is more important is that you must be yourself to be happy. For example, I can't be happy if someone I love is sad/unhappy or has problems. I tend to suppress my feelings and do my best to help them. And later, I get hurt, ignored or forgotten. That's not a pretty thing to go through.
My advice is to try and put your happiness first and then prioritize. Not everyone deserves your attention and you should know that!


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