February 23, 2014


Another first for me! Not only the mix'n'match manicure is my first try, but it's the first time I've take photos at night. I wasn't happy with the results, but I think I'm getting better at photographing, despite my non-professional camera. :)
Truth be told, I was challenged to do this king of manicure. So, this is the result.

O alta premiera pentru mine! Nu doar manichiura asortata, dar si sedinta foto de seara. Nu am fost foarte multumita cu rezultatele pana acum, dar cred ca incerc sa ma descurc mai bine in ultima vreme, in ciuda camerei mele foto pentru amatori. :)
Ca sa va spun sincer, am fost provocata sa fac aceasta manichiura. Asa ca, uite rezultatul.

Base color: Farmec Flip-Flop
Thumb nail: Rimmel London 60 Seconds 500 Caramel Cupcake - light brown + Classics Glamour 178 - black
Index finger nail: green glitter hexagons
Middle finger nail: Gabrini 319 - light green + Gabrini Summer Edition M106 - turquoise
Ring finger nail: Flormar 400 - white and green glitter hexagons
Pinky finger nail: Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 105 - green and purple glitter