September 29, 2013

Summer's on my fingertips!

I just can't let summer go away! Even though two nights ago there were 2 degrees Celsius outside. My friends know that I wear summer colors whenever I feel like wearing them... :) maybe that's why they like me so much...because I bring the happy memories from the summer time in their lives in the middle of December.
Who cares?
Now, I've tried sooooo much to do a successful water marble nail design, but I never succeeded. Then, one of my web friends, Ana Maria, posted a tutorial on YouTube and there were comments from girls trying and succeeding the technique. I got angry....really angry and frustrated. And decided to try again...and I did it.
I now present first water marble design!
(PS: the previous post had the water marble technique that I did after this one, but had to be posted earlier!)

I hope you liked my design and will be back soon, to see my newest creations!