September 14, 2013

TPA 3.Inspired by your zodiac sign

Hello, lovelies!
It's time for a new theme from our Polish Addicts group: inspired by your zodiac sign.
I'm a Taurus, I'm stubborn, I'm meticulous and crafty.

When I think of my zodiac sign, I'm thinking of the stars, the constellation itself. But because it's not the time to get astronomical, I chose this nail design. I hope you'll enjoy!

I used:

  1. Farmasi - no nr. for the base
  2. AVON Pastel Pink - for the galaxy
  3. Gabrini Diamond - D57 - for the galaxy
  4. Golden Rose - Care and Strong - 209 - for the galaxy
  5. Golden Rose - Care and Strong - 169 - hexagon glitters
  6. acrylic paint - for accent stars
  7. Moyra - top coat