August 6, 2014

I miss you...

No, this is not a post for my diary, is a post for you. Yes, you, the reader. My reader. I missed you. Maybe you don't believe me, maybe you think that I was lazy and I abandoned my blog and you. It's not true at all. I had suck a hectic schedule at work...morning shifts, noon was soooo hard!
But now I think I'm back. :)

I just wanted to say hello to you and show you that I still take care of my nails and I paint them as often as I can...about two times a week.
My last manicure was a leopard print with blue and purple and now I have a Loubutin inspired mani.
I don't have a picture with my current manicure, but as soon as I can, I'll snap a picture or two and show it to you!

Until then, let me tell you once more...I missed you!