October 31, 2014

Autumn and Winter Holidays Challenge: 1.Halloween Nails

So the Alphabet Challenge is over, I wasn't a constant part of it lately, but with this one I will try my best! Oana was the one to come up with this collaboration and we all have to thank her for getting us together...again! Kisses, Oana!
Colaborarea cu manichiurile inspirate de literele alfabetului s-a terminat și știu că nu am fost o constantă în ea, dar cu noua noastră colaborare o să fac tot posibilul! Oana a fost cea care ne-a strâns pe toate la un loc pentru această colaborare și ei trebuie să îi mulțumim pentru această ... uniune! Te pup, Oana!

The collaboration's poster - we will have a new manicure every Saturday (today was an exception 'cause today is Halloween)
Posterul colaborarii - vom posta in fiecare sambata cate o tema noua ( azi a fost o exceptie pentru ca azi e Halloween)

So let me start by showing you my inspirational image...found with Google on IMGFAVE. :) In fact, I think it's not really an inspired mani, but a "copied" one.
Prima dată o să vă arăt poza din care m-am inspirat, găsită de Google pe IMGFAVE! :) Până la urmă, cred că nu m-am inspirat din poză, ci am "copiat-o" sau transpus-o pe unghii.

And now....my nails! I love love love them!
Și acum manichiura mea! O iubesc enooooorm!

My cuticles are not at their best, but they are...acceptable. I applied a white matte nail polish for the base and with acrylic paint (I think they are acrylic, but not sure) and a brush I did the gradient loading the brush with paint and swiping it across the nail; near the cuticle with the darkest color and towards the tips I mixed the paint with white and made it lighter. After it dried, I applied a matte top coat and let it dry...after it dried completely, I painted the carved pumpkins, letting the background peek through their eyes and mouths. Creepy, but pretty!
After it dried COMPLETELY I added a shiny top coat and done!

Cuticulele mele nu se află în perioada lor cea mai bună, dar sunt acceptabile. Am aplicat ca bază o ojă albă mată și cu vopsea acrilică (de fapt, cred că e un fel de tempera...nu știu) și cu o pensulă am făcut degradeul punând culoarea mai închisă lângă cuticule și mergând spre partea liberă am deschis culorile. După ce s-a uscat totul am aplicat o ojă matifiantă și după ce și ea s-a uscat complet am început să pictez dovlecii, lăsând să se vadă fundalul în degrade prin ochii și gurile lor! Ciudat, dar drăguț!
După ce s-a uscat din nou COMPLET am aplicat un top coat lucios și gata!

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October 25, 2014

The Alphabet Nail Art Challenge: Letter Z - the end of the challenge

It`s time for another manicure, the letter Z inspired one...and it`s time for the challenge to end...but every end means that a new start is about to be announced. :)
So stay tuned!
For today I chose a mix of two letter Z words: zipper and zebra and made some sort of mix and match.

To be honest, I did everything like a decal. I painted the design on a piece of plastic bag, let it dry and applied them on the damp nail polish. The only thing I don`t like at the manicure but I couldn`t do anything about it, is that I have no details on the key of the zipper. :( Not to be worried, I will try to be better at details....sometimes in the future.

But let me give you some more letter z inspired manicureby click-ing on the links below:

October 13, 2014

Alphabet nail art challege - Letter X

Well, I'm almost 3 days late, but I'm kinda proud of what it came out. :)
All I could think of when I saw that we are at letter X was "X marks the spot" and because I imagined a pirate map...I draw a pirate map on my nails.
I used base coat, a nude/beige polish for the base color, brown acrylic paint for the shadows, black paint for the drawings and a pretty top coat.

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October 6, 2014

Think Pink Challenge

Today, I have for you a special manicure. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, one of the girls on FB thought that we should raise awareness in our way: with some pink manicures. Thank you, Oana, for you initiative. :*

I used: Golden Rose Freanch Manicure Natural color 05 for the base coat, Flormar 400 white for the french tips and the full nails, Gabrini 3D no.17 the lighter pink, with the coralish vibe and Gabrini 3D no.25 the light fucsia color for the chevron stripes and the dots. For top coat I used Farmec Gel TopCoat which makes my nails look like they are gel nails.

I made a diagonal french manicure outlined with two chevron stripes - pink chevron! And on the thumb and ring finger nails I did some polka dots with the same pink polishes.
It's a manicure you can wear to work and maybe school, if you are allowed to paint your nails for school.

I have decided to wear more pink this month, so my next manicures might be pinker :)

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Iulia B.

October 4, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter W

This is one of the last manicures for this collaboration with the girls, so I decided to get back in bussines.
I chose 2 creamy nail polishes (Golden Rose Paris 202 - the purple and 204 - the blue) and made....WATERMARBLE!
Yeah, pretty obvious, since this week's leter is W, right? :)
Well, you all (or almost all of you) know how a watermarble manicure is done,no step-by-step tutorial here.
Just my W manicure. A purple and blue W manicure.

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