January 23, 2014

BOTW: Maya Banks - Sweet Persuasion

Ok, another week, another book. This time is another erotic book, by Maya Banks - Sweet Persuasion.
On the site that sells this book, I found it in a pack - 3 books: Maya Banks - Sweet Surrender, Maya Banks - Sweet Persuasion and Deeana Lee - Sweet Surrender. I made a review for the first one and the last one, now it's time for the second book. I did not plan to write about erotic books, but...it happened. Let's get to the action of the book!

Serena is the owner of a company named Fantasy Incorporated, a company that fulfills everybody's wish. And because she has a wish of her own, she reaches out to Damon Roche, the owner of an exclusive sex-club, a man strong enough to make her do whatever he wants. The thing is...when she tells him about her "clients" fantasy, he does not suspect that the client is her. But when Damon receives an email with the fantasy and at the personal info is Serena's name, he knows that he is the one to fulfill her wish and not only.
They sign a contract for a month and during this period of time she will do whatever Damon wants. Interesting...but things get intense and he makes everything he can to keep her for ever, not only for a month, and to keep her as part of the real life, not just for the sake of her fantasy. All he wishes is to make Serena his spoiled and lovely submissive. Can he?
I read the book twice and it's still amazing! Read the book and let me know if you likes it, too.

From this week on, we have another blogger joining us on this amazing literature trip. So here are my friends books for this week:
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  1. am auzit de cartea asta si mi se pare interesanta.. :D cred ca o trec pe lista. :D

    1. daca vrei sa o citesti, poti sa incepi cu prima parte "Dulce Supunere" pentru ca personajul principal de acolo este una dintre prietenele Serenei si Damon este cel care o ajuta pe prietena ei sa isi indeplineasca fantezia de a fi supusa lui Gray...o sa vezi la sfarsitul acestei carti ca am dreptate si ca au legatura ;)