July 20, 2013

Dear diary, I feel ... meeeh!

Today was a lame day...the morning started great, but slowly it became....meeeh! I planned for today swatches for 2 new nail polishes, I thought I'll make the post for Photo diary-at least until today, the post for the Untried Polish Challenge...and maybe something else. I managed though to make my pedicure, clean the house and make food. Yey....what an accomplishment. Can you read the irony between the lines?
I don't even feel hungry, nor thirsty...I feel meeeh! I would like to be alone, on the top of the mountain and scream as loud as I can and then simply lay on the grass until I fill myself up with energy.
Let me give you an example of how meeeh I feel: today I saw that yesterday I had 122 unique visitors on my blog...that's a lot!!!! It's how many visitors I had 2 weeks ago, in a whole week....so imagine that! And 2 more girls started following me...I am super-extra-mega happy inside and thankful, because all I wanted when I started writing this blog was to be read and somehow appreciated for what I was doing. Seeing that more people are starting to like my blog posts and comment more that in the beginning is making me very happy and thankful and makes me go further! Thank you, all of you!
I know this is just a phase and it's all going to be fine, but I just hate when I have this mood changes! :(
And besides the mood changes, I'm not a good company, either. Not even Zorro and Puffy can't make me feel better, nor my family. It's horrible!
I hope I haven't ruined your day with my "story" and I hope you had and still have an amazing day...week...everything.


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