July 19, 2013

Mint Mani for Talia Joy - EN only

I'm so sorry that I have managed to make only a simple swatch, but my day was chaotic. Anyway, my mani was mint today, as a tribute to Talia Joy, a 13 year-old YouTuber who died on the 16th of July of cancer.

it was a shadow on my window, that's why it's darker

As you can see, because I was in a rush since this morning, I managed to make an impression on my almost dried manicure, I had no time for cleaning around...I was a mess today. But every time I saw the color, my thought went to Talia. RIP little angel!


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    1. Multumesc, graba strica treaba! cred ca trebuie sa fiu mai calma uneori :)